1986 USA "Attack Of The Killer Virgin Prom Queen EP" 7" Freak - No catalogue number (Printed insert. As "Vermin From Venus")

1986 USA "Sex On Planet X" LP Stench - No catalogue number (Red vinyl. Printed insert. As "Vermin From Venus")

1994 USA "Push And Shove" CD Behemoth - BET 21 (As "Vermin From Venus")

1996 USA "Neat Damned Noise EP" 7" Neat Damned Noise - NDN 10 (Folded sleeve. Limited numbered edition of 500 copies. Given away with issue 10 of Neat Damned Noise)

1996 USA "Hell Or Las Vegas" CD Behemoth - BET 21

1998 USA "The Vermin Vs. You!" CD Wood Shampoo - SHAM 2

2000 USA "Loose Women, Hard Livin' And The Devil" CD Wood Shampoo - SHAM 3

2006 USA "A Fist Full Of Hell" CD Wood Shampoo - SHAM 7

2008 USA "Joe's Shanghai" CD Wood Shampoo - SHAM 9

2009 USA "The Exciting Sounds Of Al Martino" CDS Wood Shampoo - SHAM 12